AMP Whitepaper Release Provides Greater Exchange Validation for Digital Payments on the Flexa Network.

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AMP Whitepaper

Digital assets quickly become the predominant medium of exchange for global commerce, but the high cost of transaction validation limits their universal acceptance. 

The key to unlocking ubiquitous digital payments is to mitigate the uncertainty of achieving transaction finality efficiently. 

These problems are economically resolved through an open, extensible collateral system utilizing public state verification via distributed convergence mechanisms. 

Amp is a collateral token designed to decentralize the risk in a payment transaction, dramatically reducing the assurance cost from existing counterparty networks. 

Amp incorporates a novel partition interface within an original framework of partition strategies to facilitate the interoperability of staking contracts for any surety mechanism. 

Using specific partition strategies, Amp can enable tokens to be conditionally allocated as collateral without requiring transfers to another smart contract. 

In this way, the system preserves asset custody, substantially improving the simplicity and safety of staking collateral. 

The Amp whitepaper introduces the primary technical elements of the Amp token contract and collateral managers. In particular, it presents novel partition strategies for enabling “stake-in-place” innovation for Ethereum tokens. 

The paper also analyzes legacy payment infrastructure, distributed payment networks, and token economics. This research uses established economic models in addition to a unique, in-depth assessment of the long-term utility, value, and stability of a collateral token network.

Sections include:

  • Digital Payments and the Flexa Network
  • Decentralized collateral
    • Finality assurance and scale
    • Meta-staking and risk distribution
  • Amp token contract
    • Operators and partition scopes
    • Partition strategies
    • Token hooks
    • Flexa collateral manager
    • Further extensibility
  • Token economics
    • Production model
    • Tokenization model
    • Network efficiency model
    • Stability analysis

Amp Whitepaper.pdf


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