Blockchain Infrastructure Firm Consensys Merge Mycrypto Ethereum Wallet to Metamask.

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Ethereum Software Company

Blockchain Software Firm Consensys Acquires Mycrypto Ethereum Wallet

On February 1, the blockchain infrastructure firm Consensys has revealed it has acquired the Ethereum-based wallet Mycrypto and plans to merge the wallet into Metamask. The price Consensys paid for Mycrypto was not disclosed, but the announcement notes that the acquisition will “further improve the security of all the products.”

Consensys Obtains Mycrypto Ethereum Wallet, Plans to Merge With Metamask in the Future

Consensys has acquired the Ethereum-based wallet Mycrypto for an undisclosed sum, according to an announcement released on Tuesday. The deal aims to strengthen the company’s Ethereum wallet Metamask and “enhance Web3 experiences.” The eventual merger between the two Ethereum interfaces will “provide users with a heightened experience that is even more extensive and secure,” according to Consensys.

Consensys is an Ethereum software company led by one of the Ethereum co-founders, Joseph Lubin. In mid-December 2021, Consensys revealed a rollups scaling solution with the payments giant Mastercard. The Web3 wallet Metamask, with 21 million monthly active users (MAUs), is owned by Consensys. Dan Finlay, the co-founder of Metamask, believes that combining Mycrypto and Metamask will give ethereum users a robust wallet interface.

“Mycrypto has consistently been one of the most reliable and intercompatible wallets in Ethereum, often shipping cutting-edge Ethereum features ahead of other wallets, while Metamask has focused on general-purpose dapp interactions,” Finlay said in a statement sent to News. Finlay added:

With our talents combined, and our strong sense of shared ethics and goals for this ecosystem, I think we’ll be able to provide a wallet experience that is much more able to help its users make the best decisions through this rapidly evolving Web3 wallet landscape.

Web3 Wallets From Alternative Chains Nip at Metamask’s Heels, Consensys Believes ‘Mycrypto Wallet Will Make Rich Integrations in Metamask Possible’

While Metamask has been widely popular among Ethereum network users and those leveraging cross-chain technology, however, many other blockchain’s and their Web3 wallets are starting to nip at Metamask’s heels. Wallets such as the Binance Smart Chain wallet, Kepler, Terra Station, and Phantom. The Solana-based Phantom wallet revealed on January 31 it raised $109 million in a Series B led by Paradigm.

The alternative blockchains leveraged by the aforementioned Web3 wallets are all supported by Metamask. Consensys believes the acquisition of Mycrypto will “make it possible to have more rich integrations in Metamask.” Mycrypto and Metamask will remain separate entities under the Consensys wing.

“With the rapid growth of the ecosystem and products racing to ship slick features, the leading wallet must continue to build foundational and secure self-custody tools that empower the user,” Taylor Monahan, founder, and CEO of Mycrypto, said. “Combining our years of experience and shared values allows us to accelerate our mission of providing a way for users to realize their self-sovereignty fully.”

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