Crypto News Austin, Texas June 2022: Chipotle live on Flexa Network, Download Gemini or SPEDN Buy with Bitcoin. Drop Party Joins Team.

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Summer is in full swing and Flexa is hitting the conference circuit! Find Tyler, Trev, Bubby, and more at Consensus 2022 this weekend in Austin, Texas. Read on to learn about Flexa payments at Consensus, Chipotle on Flexa, Drop Party joining Flexa, interviews from the past month, new exchange listings, and crypto news from around the world.

Chipotle live on Flexa network

Chipotle is live on Flexa network! Download Gemini or SPEDN and buy a burrito with Bitcoin, tacos with tezos, or even a salad with SOL. The crypto community shared just how easy it is to pay with Flexa-enabled apps! Flexa’s own Eli Noto made sure to Do His Own Research during beta last month.

Flexa payments at Consensus

Flexa payments debuted at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas. Flexa is powering spending of the DESK token across the Consensus festival from the food hall to food trucks to the refreshments at the nightly events. On top of all that, Flexa is powering the Store of Value in Exhibit Hall 4, which is the main way to turn your DESK into memorable merch and other crypto-related gear at the event.

Drop Party joins Flexa

This week, Flexa announced the acquisition of Drop Party, an experiential marketing firm. With this acquisition, Flexa bolsters its ability to support and enhance marketing efforts for merchants. Drop Party CEO Marco Marandiz will join the Flexa team as CMO and lead marketing efforts from its current Austin, Texas headquarters.

Drop Party joins The Team

Flexa on Paul Barron Network; Amp community AMAs; Messari report on Flexa

Flexa co-founder Tyler Spalding joined the Paul Barron Network to discuss the new Flexa payment product set to debut at Consensus, how Amp transformers are helping scale direct L1 payments, and what a US CBDC may end up looking like. Bubby and Eli Noto joined an AMA hosted by The Green Guys on the @amptoken Twitter account where they answered a variety of community questions about the new Flexa payment product, transformers, and more! Bubby sat down with Coinstore and answered questions on Flexa and Amp in their community telegram channel. Last but not least, Messari released its report on Flexa network earlier this month.

Amp live on Bancor v3; Amp added to Uphold; Amp on Webull

Amp is live on Bancor v3! Bancor v3’s Omnipool allows for all trades on the network to occur in a single transaction, reducing gas costs and execution costs. Amp was added to Uphold, a global multi-asset digital trading platform, in May 2022. Webull, a global stock and crypto brokerage firm headquartered in New York, added the AMP-USDT pair.


Metrics update

Current TVL of Flexa Capacity — $283.1 million

Earn rewards for staking your Amp on the Flexa network toward the apps and network transformers below:

Did you know?

  • It’s a Vibe: Tyler Spalding is joined by 2 Chainz at Consensus this Saturday. Be sure to check it out!
  • The Amp token grant committee was announced earlier this week. More details to come on the grant submission and approval process.

DeFi and payments news

Senators to propose industry-friendly cryptocurrency bill

The Wall Street Journal reports that Senators Lummis (R-WY) and Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced the bi-partisan cryptocurrency regulation bill dubbed the Responsible Financial Innovation Act.  The bill would classify the vast majority of cryptocurrency and DeFi protocols as commodities and would be regulated by the CFTC.

Deloitte survey: merchants getting ready for crypto

A survey published by Deloitte on June 8th shows that 87% of retailers in the U.S. believe that businesses that accept digital currencies have a significant edge over their rivals in the market. Additionally, 83% believe that digital currency will become legal tender in the next 10 years.

Chipotle on Flexa network news from across the web

News of Chipotle choosing Flexa network for digital asset payments spread across the web this month! Chipotle’s 2975+ locations across the US now accept 98 different digital currencies via the Flexa network.



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