Flexa Network Uses AMP Universal Collateral Digital Token Applications Maximizing Crypto Investments.

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People are still sleeping on three undervalued gems

Everyone has a crypto millionaire story to tell at the dinner table, worry not because there are still some great opportunities out there for the taking, and your story might be the next one they tell.

As such, when it comes to maximizing crypto investments, we went looking for crypto projects which have incredible upside but are still relatively unknown, meaning that we believe that many people are still sleeping on these three undervalued gems:

#1 Loopring

Loopring just had a massive run-up, and those who got in around the 0.3$ mark were akin to someone showing up with their bags at the airport one month before their flight.

However, the flight has not yet taken off, which might be the last boarding call.

With the release of its L2 Counterfactual Wallet and Fiat Ramp and with an NFT Marketplace on the horizon, Loopring even starts to threaten CEXs as all ERC-20 tokens can (and most likely will) become fully integrated and able to be easily moved for next to nothing.

And while the project looks fantastic from now on, it needs to up its marketing game, and its user experience might still need some tweaks to ensure a smoother and easier adoption process.

Nonetheless, we are very excited about Loopring’s future. We so should you because if Loopring plays its cards right, it certainly be a contender to become the primary L2 solution on top of Ethereum.

#2 AMP

During the 1849 California Gold Rush, only a few prospectors made it and struck gold.

In the meantime, a young Samuel Brannan became the first millionaire by selling shovels, picks, and pans.

Sure, Brannan would buy them at $0.20 a piece and sell them for $15 while he ran through the city shouting “Gold! Gold on the American River”.

But this logic works precisely the same way for the AMP Token (without all the yelling). AMP is a universal collateral token specifically designed to facilitate fast and efficient transfers for any real-world application.

What might be news to many is that Flexa uses AMP as means of enabling instant, fraud-free payments, meaning that as user’s and merchants adoption rates grow, AMP will also gradually become a better token to hold.

Accordingly, AMP has been quietly adding coins, establishing partnerships, slowly but steadily building a solid foundation for what’s to come.

With each new spendable token included, the more AMP’s fundamental value rises, and it is only natural that the literal value of AMP is bound to catch up.

2022 might be the year of the “AMPire,” but AMP may undoubtedly be a long-term hold even if it isn’t.

#3 CKB

CKB is the native token for the NervOS Network.

While still obscure for some, this unique blockchain has started to get noticed on social media as it is making strides to become a critical component of all blockchains, the metaverse, and even web3.0.

It operates much like a world computer in which one can store value and data, making it assessable to anyone (not just the network’s participants), meaning that end-users will be able to keep using whichever blockchain they wish while anchoring into Nervous.

Moreover, it provides security, decentralization, and multi-asset value capture due to its excellent interoperability capabilities.

To put things simply, it is an L1 built for any L2, much like a Rosetta Stone or universal hub. It is a store of value L1 chain designed and crafted to interact with every L2 solution out there, and it can act as an anchor for both chain and dApps.

CKB shows promise, and hopefully, it will run in 2022.

Wrapping up

The holiday season is a time to reflect over the year that’s gone by, to ponder over what options one has, and, for some, to make new year resolutions.

However, frantically googling “Ethereum price prediction,” “Cardano price prediction,” or any other random coin won’t get you very far, mainly because all their communities will be hyping them up regardless of what their teams are accomplishing.

Regardless of you being in it for the long haul or just aiming at a quick 5x or 10x on an altcoin, the fundamental basis of crypto investment strategies should be the same: you have to look into each of their projects.

Whether it’s solving interoperability, gas fees, or any other blockchain-related problem, these three altcoin projects have pretty big “resolutions” attached to them, and we certainly hope that 2022 will be their year.

So, what’s your investment plan for 2022?

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