Fundamental Crypto Price Analysis: AMP Token Digital Interface for Ethereum Blockchain Collateralization

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Amp (AMP) Fundamental Analysis

Amp (AMP) claims to take money into the 21st century, but what does that mean?

Previously known as Flexa, AMP is an ERC-20 token that is becoming a great tool to create a digital interface for collateralization that is verifiable and secure. In simpler words, they are trying to connect the Ethereum Blockchain with paying and making it easy for most people.

As a result of a list created by CoinBase in 2021, the popularity and access to buy and trade Amp (AMP) have increased. And also, what made Amp (AMP) appealing to investors is that now they can earn income by staking. So, investors get passive income on top of the token price gain. 

A characteristic that adds enormous value to the ecosystem is the decentralized risk factor and the autonomous system for collateralization. In addition, this project is efficient by removing the third party in the paying system directly to merchants.

What makes Amp unique is the assets that the protocol supports. As of 2021, the Amp protocol started keeping more than 25 digital assets. 

Flexa and Consesys developed Amp in 2020, and the CEO is Tyler Spalding. 

We can look into its partners to further prove this project’s credibility. For example, the Amp (AMP) ecosystem is partnering with companies such as Flexa, Consensys, Coinbase custody, Gemini, Bittrex, etc., and other big companies. So, we can consider AMP to be entirely trustworthy.


Amp (AMP) is yet to publish a roadmap, but since AMP and Flexa are very similar, we can consider Flexa’s roadmap.

AMP is a relatively new token that hasn’t reached its peak and offered everything it could. The project has many updates and milestones yet to achieve. They start with the fact that teams and developers will have the opportunity for the AMP token grants to be integrated into their projects. These updates will be presented via Amp community voting shortly. 

When created, Flexa’s network had only two payment apps, Flexa’s SPEDN and Gemini Pay. Now, there are around seven apps listed. AMP itself is one that is in line to be a part of the apps.

Also, the outlook of AMP over the five upcoming years is considered significant since most retailers use NCR (National Cash Register) machines. The good news is that they accept AMP crypto.


When talking about tokenomics, we can consider the Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Maximum Supply, and Total Supply.

Currently, the Market Cap of Amp (AMP) is $1 Billion, with the Circulation Supply of 42.23B AMP, approximately 46% of the Total Supply. The total supply of Amp is 99.2 Billion, and the maximum supply is 92.5 Billion.

Crypto Academy Amp (AMP) Price Analysis

Ever since its launch, AMP has been generally bullish. As a result, the price went sideways throughout its first few months. However, it managed to capitalize on the bull run of 2021, reaching an all-time high of $0.12 in June of that year. Unfortunately, despite several attempts, the price failed to rebound to that level in the coming months.

Currently, AMP is sitting at around $0.025. With this price and a circulating supply of 42 billion, the current market cap is about $1 billion.

Crypto Academy Amp (AMP) Price Prediction

Even though AMP’s current price is $0.025, the price could be bullish in the coming years due to the upcoming features.

Crypto Academy Amp (AMP) Price Prediction 2022

2022 for AMP started on quite a good note, with a starting price of $0.04. Unfortunately, by the end of January, it dropped to $0.02. It has been stable since. There haven’t been any future updates, and the market has been bearish in the past months for most cryptocurrencies, so it was expected for the price of AMP to decrease as well. Since there aren’t any updates set up to happen within the upcoming months, we think that the price of AMP might not increase at the moment. Remarkably, after the second half of the year, previously mentioned updates would finally have the time to start and ultimately make the market bullish. We think the average price of AMP for 2022 might be around $0.05, with a maximum price of $0.09 and a minimum of $0.02.


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