Network Design Solution Guarantees 100% Secured Digital Transactions at POS. Payments GDPR / CCPA Ready for Worldwide Customers.

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Flexa makes it easy to pay with your phone at stores worldwide. 

Flexa was designed from the ground up to solve the biggest problems facing payments today. Flexa is the first network to offer 100% digitally secured transactions from source to settlement.

Unlike a traditional bank or payment card transaction, Flexa payments don’t involve sending sensitive customer account information through the network. Instead, each Flexa transaction starts and ends with a unique, digital authorization code that can’t be decrypted or reversed.

Being completely digital makes Flexa payments exceptionally fast and secure. When this digital authorization code is captured at point-of-sale, the total payment amount is instantly transferred from the customer’s account balance and converted by Flexa as necessary. All of this culminates in the real-time assurance that the settlement for every Flexa-authorized transaction is 100% guaranteed.

Fraud-proof. Flexa’s novel network design guarantees payment value against all major types of fraud—even during a hack or breach.

Flexa simplifies payment transactions to their core parts: because Flexa doesn’t need sensitive customer account information to process a transaction, there’s no PCI to compromise.

Flexa’s real-time transaction capacity is fully backed by a global network of counterparties, which supply collateral for each Flexa payment to mitigate the risk of theft or loss during settlement. If a software glitch or breach occurs, this collateral is instantly liquidated to guarantee that no Flexa merchant ever experiences lost volume. But no software can ever be 100% secure from hacks.

Enable Flexa once, and start accepting payments from customers worldwide—with zero foreign-exchange fees.

With Flexa’s pure-digital payments network, you can accept USD, CAD, and other currencies for payment without having to worry about foreign exchange fees. Flexa’s partnerships with leading digital exchanges around the world ensure that your customers always receive the real market rate—and more importantly, that you receive a settlement in the currency of your choice, with zero conversion fees.

And, as more and more global currencies are digitized and added to Flexa, you’ll automatically benefit from expanded acceptance from additional customers worldwide.

AMP Token and Flexa

Flexa provides consumers complete data privacy and seamless, compliant opt-in for loyalty and marketing purposes.

Payments on Flexa are both GDPR– and CCPA–ready. Our privacy-first approach to payments ensures that your business stays compliant with evolving data privacy regulations worldwide while giving your customers the confidence to spend freely.

To facilitate enhanced transactions—such as age-restricted purchases, loyalty punches, and offers—Flexa also enables customers to share specific personal data on an individual or recurring basis and audit their data at any time. This granular level of control is novel to the Flexa network and opens up a new world of dynamic loyalty and marketing possibilities.

Open-source. Flexa payments are built on an open-source software protocol validated by third-party security audits.

The future of money shouldn’t belong to any one company, which is why we’re proud to open source the critical software at the heart of our payments infrastructure.

Our engineering team practices a culture of contributing code back to the projects that we rely on, and we constantly look for opportunities to make more of our software public and transparent.

Touch-free. The Flexa network conveys payment data and loyalty information safely, securely, and without physical contact.

Flexa was designed to help you put your customer at the center of the transaction and minimize the time in the lane. As such, we engineered every trade to use the camera or display built into every customer’s smartphone—instead of a dedicated piece of plastic or NFC chip.

Flexa’s approach to secure, instant payments is beneficial in today’s reduced-touch payment environment because it can convey transactions through transparent surfaces and at a distance of several feet. And now that Flexa is adding support for online and in-app payments, it’s even easier to support multi-channel payments while reducing overhead and cutting transaction costs.


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