New Crypto Projects For Investors. Technical Analysis Indicate Cryptos FTM, GLO, and BTC Excellent Investment Potential Right Now!

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Are you looking for some new crypto projects to invest in? Now could arguably be the perfect time to reshape your portfolio because you can still get unbelievable discounts on some great projects, and the bear run might be nearly over. Even if it isn’t, these cryptos have shown the potential to thrive despite broader market conditions. 

It would help if you weren’t too concerned with hourly charts; that can be stressful given how volatile they can be. If you invest in them long-term, you could set yourself up for huge gains when the market finally improves, even some improvements before that happens. And thinking long-term is wise right now. 

But if you pick suitable projects and stay involved long-term, you should prepare your portfolio for huge successes. So which cryptos should you invest in right now? 

Uniglo (GLO)

Now could be the perfect time to invest in GLO. It’s the ideal time to buy GLO because it’s available at a discount in pre-sale, and you could potentially enjoy massive gains up the crypto charts. That’s because GLO has unique features, including full asset-backing, ultra-burn deflationary technology, and a community-driven approach that rewards all its holders.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has always been the most significant player in crypto. And this is likely to remain the case for a long time. For many, it’s the only crypto they’ve heard of. And while there’s plenty more to the crypto world than just Bitcoin, it’s still the most significant player in town. 

This also means it’s often where the money goes first when investments increase, and confidence moves back into the market. Some analysts think a $1 million BTC is possible in a few years. It still has the potential to grow back up to all-time highs and even beyond. 

And in the shorter term, BTC has recovered from previous losses quite well. It could return to its price earlier this year and make a good return for those who invest right now. Now could be the time to add more BTC to your portfolio.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is home to a ton of exciting projects like Spookyswap and more. It’s an incredibly productive ecosystem for app development that’s fast, affordable, and beneficial to all its users. Holders of FTM can also enjoy a range of passive income opportunities alongside a coin predicted to grow. Now could also be the time to invest in it.

FTM, GLO, and BTC all have great potential right now. That’s why it might be a good idea to buy them today.


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