NFTs Open Crypto to Cultural Consciousness. NFT Projects Need a Community. Twitter and Discord Essential Elements for Fan Engagement.

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NFTs represent the first time that Crypto is entering the cultural consciousness…and a lot of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, viewing their NFT projects as a way to engage their fans and remain culturally relevant.

These celebrities have also realized that selling NFTs can be a very effective way to monetize their engagement with their fan bases, earning revenue through the primary sales side and ongoing royalties from secondary sales.

But it’s not as easy as they think… massive stars have had disastrous launches. What separates the celebrities truly in it for the community versus those in it for a cash grab?

What’s going to make or break any NFT project is the project community. It’s how you’re able to engage with our community and how you can activate your community. Twitter and Discord are paramount. Many participants in this market are very savvy and can determine what seems to be a cash grab. And that’s a huge turnoff amongst fans within a particular community.

Have a clear strategy. What can you provide that will be valuable to your community? So Is it your time? Is it your art? Is it your music? Is it a particular piece of content you can create as a creative personality yourself? Is your willingness to engage with your fans in a more intimate setting? What is your edge?

After minting your NFTs and selecting a marketplace, you need to pick your selling method or option to set a price for your asset, AMP Raider notes. You can choose between either a fixed-price sale or an auction, with your decision being contingent on time sensitivity and price acknowledgment.

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