Original Satoshi Bitcoin Whitepaper Buried in the Mac OS Code Discovered on Twitter Post!

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Initially, the discovery was credited to a blog post called earlier this week on Andy Baio’s Waxy.org Blog. The blogger says he accidentally spotted the hidden file while fixing his printer. Then to make sure it was something inserted into every Mac OS copy, he confirmed his findings by having “over a dozen Mac-using friends.” also, see if it was on their computer… it was!

This was the first time it was mentioned somewhere that many people would read.

Turns out, this wasn’t the first time it was discovered…

It turns out – he wasn’t the first to find it. 

Another Mac user did back in April 2021 and posted it on the Apple support forums; however, his post focuses on a hidden image he found burried in the Mac OS code, but at the end mentions, “Weirdly, there is also a PDF with the original Bitcoin white paper from Satoshi Nakamoto in the VirtualScanner.app Package Content.”

But wait… an even earlier post was discovered on Twitter!

A Tweet mentioning it dates back to November 2020, so unless an even earlier dated post is discovered, we’re considering Josh D on Twitter the official ‘discoverer’ of the hidden Mac OS Satoshi Whitepaper. 

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The earliest mention of it we’ve been able to find.

It went undiscovered for two years…

It has been found inside every Mac OS version 10.14.0 (Mojave) or above. 10.14.0 was released in 2018, so it managed to go two years unnoticed!


How to find it:

If you’re on a Mac, open a Terminal and type the following command:

open /System/Library/Image\ 


While it looks like we figured out who first discovered it, I’m still curious about who put it there and did their boss know.

Source: //www.globalcryptopress.com/2023/04/the-bitcoin-whitepaper-has-been-hidden.html


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