Ripple Solid Fundamentals Provides Real-Time, Business-to-Business (B2B) Global Payments. But XRP Massively Overvalued.

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American Express is the latest financial company to become a member of RippleNet, the blockchain network operated by Ripple that provides real-time, business-to-business (B2B) global payments.

On its website, Ripple said American Express joins Credit Agricole, Airwallex, and Cuallix, among others. According to Ripple, American Express FX International Payments will partner with Santander U.K. to create a transaction channel between the U.S. and the U.K. for the first time. Given the U.S. is the U.K.’s biggest trading partner, there is thus a need to create “frictionless” commercial global payments in the U.K. The partnership between American Express FX International Payments and Santander U.K. will help American Express streamline cross-border B2B payments and have a more significant presence in the U.K.

“We’ve already seen evidence that blockchain technology plays a transformational role in how customers are served,” said Greg Keeley, executive vice president of Global Corporate Payments at American Express. “Not only does this partnership with Ripple help decrease the time it takes for international transactions to be processed, but it can also make our transactions more effective for our customers.”

José Luis Calderón, Santander’s global head of Transaction Banking, noted that Ripple’s RippleNet provides a new channel for the U.S. and U.K., a significant opportunity for the B2B payments market around the globe.

“Collaborating with forward-thinking businesses has enabled us to deliver this cutting-edge, secure, friction-free payment solution and extend our ‘Simple, Personal, Fair’ philosophy to American Express and their customers,” said the Santander executive. 

The addition of Amex comes as Ripple sees increased competition from its former collaborator, R3. According to recent news from American Banker, R3 is building a cross-border B2B payments solution inspired by blockchain. The company will partner with 22 member banks on the project, including U.S. Bank, TD Bank, Barclays, BBVA, CIBC, Commerzbank, DNB, HSBC, Intesa, KBC, KB Kookmin Bank, KEB Hana Bank, Natixis, Shinhan Bank, and Woori Bank. Currently, R3 is involved in a legal dispute with former collaborator Ripple.

How promising is the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP)?

Overall, Ripple has solid fundamentals and has had many accomplishments throughout the year and just announced that it would rebuy its tokens and stop selling them.

However, XRP is still massively overvalued. Currently, it’s worth a staggering $28B, and it is not worth $28B.

With its recent accomplishments, its fair value may be at $4B, next to BNB.

That means that XRP is currently overvalued by roughly 5x.

Furthermore, for XRP to make a mediocre 150% profit from its current price, it would need to flip Ethereum, and nearly any altcoin will do that in the next couple of months.

So, will XRP flip Ethereum? If yes, it gives a mediocre return that most altcoins will give in the next few months.

Do you think XRP will not flip Ethereum? Then, XRP is a horrible investment that will only give lame-duck returns.


In the best-case scenario of flipping Ethereum, XRP will only give mediocre returns.

That’s why XRP is a terrible investment. It’s elementary, but people don’t want to look at the numbers.



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