Soldiers of the Shiba Army Shibarium. The (SHIB)Metaverse Conceptual Art Hub Inspired by Top Universities

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As the soldiers of the SHIB Army are getting prepared for Shibarium, SHIB: The Metaverse’s development team continues the hard work on Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) own metaverse project. Today, the conceptual artwork for the next HUB in SHIB: The Metaverse was revealed. This time, the HUB is inspired by some of the world’s best universities, including:

  • Yale (United States)
  • Princeton (United States)
  • Rolex Learning Center (Switzerland)
  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

And many more. Indeed, the new hub allows for a deeper understanding of the lessons learned from SHIB’s journey in the two years of the memecoin’s existence. Previously, SHIB: The Metaverse’s team released artwork for WAGMI Temple, The Rocket Pond, Growth Dunes, and The Canyon.

Moreover, as the popular memecoin is getting ready to transition into a self-sufficient ecosystem, the Tech Trench HUB is bound to be “a true place in which you can find community distribution of cultural learning experiences for all those who enter and shape the future of decentralized ecosystems and education foundations.”

Shiba Inu’s Tech Trench HUB: Best Of Both Worlds?

Indeed, judging by the look of the conceptual black-and-white artwork, it surely seems that the developer team took a hyper-technological approach. However, the Tech Trench is not far from the roots. The ancient times set a foundation for such a hub to come into existence.

According to the official blog post, Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) Tech Trench HUB is focused on “the course process of education and knowledge from the millions of community members that embraced the atmosphere in the way of futuristic modernism and marvels alike.”

On top of that, SHIB: The Metaverse’s development team will host the Tech Trench Fireside Chat on Discord. This will take place on November 17th, 2022, at 5 PM PST or 8 PM EST. Soldiers of the Shiba Army will be able to provide their input before the HUB is launched.

Why You Should Care

SHIB’s metaverse project has been in development for the past two years. Earlier this year, the memecoin joined forces with The Third Floor (TTF), a renowned audiovisual studio based in Hollywood.



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