Flexa Network’s Aims for Seamless, Transparent, Secure, and Fraud-Proof Transactions. Accepting Digital Payments made from Flexa-enabled Apps Gemini and Argent.

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Flexa Payments offers merchants high-quality digital currency acceptance support to facilitate a smooth integration process.

How does the Flexa Payments experience work for customers?

Every time a customer chooses to pay with digital currencies, Flexa Payments aims to provide a straightforward, friendly interface for accepting payments from the wide variety of digital currency wallet apps and networks available today. 

To accomplish this objective, Flexa has built a comprehensive library of diligently researched information about how every app best supports the different payment protocols for digital asset payments—including QR code payment requests, deep links, URL schemes, and more. 

Flexa Payments takes into account that customer’s desired app or network, their payment context (e.g., in person, online, or inside of your mobile checkout app), and its deep database of app information, and then intelligently surfaces the ideal payment request format on a network-by-network basis for a seamless transaction.

For example, if a customer chooses to pay with MetaMask on the web using their desktop or laptop computer, and the MetaMask browser extension is already installed, Flexa Payments will automatically open the MetaMask extension to complete payment. 

Alternatively, suppose the customer chooses to pay with the MetaMask mobile app (directly on their mobile device or through their laptop computer). In that case, Flexa Payments will either display a QR code payment request or present a button to open the MetaMask app with all pre-populated payment details, depending on customer context.

Which assets and networks are supported by Flexa Payments?

Flexa Payments includes support for native, on-chain payments using 99 different digital currencies across twelve of the most popular blockchain networks and scaling solutions. Supported networks include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Celo, Dogecoin, Ethereum, the Lightning Network, Litecoin, Polygon, Solana Pay, Tezos, and Zcash.

Flexa Payments supports increased seamlessness, transparency, and security for payments made from Flexa-enabled apps like Gemini and Argent. When making a payment using a Flexa-enabled app, customers can check out in a single tap and quickly review the merchant details for a transaction, along with the exact value of funds being sent in the payment’s unit of account (e.g., USD).

In which countries can merchants sign up for Flexa Payments?

Flexa Payments is currently available in English and Español (América Latina) for merchants in the United StatesCanada, and El Salvador.

How do the new Flexa Capacity Transformers work?

Since 2019, Flexa has provided fraud-proof digital currency payments that authorize and settle instantly in any currency of choice—on both sides of a transaction. Flexa Capacity makes this possible through a decentralized network of smart contracts backed with Amp collateral from stakers worldwide. 

Previously, stakers provided collateral to pools that created the network capacity for each Flexa-enabled app. With Flexa Payments, the set of Transformers available to stake has expanded dramatically, with each supported network now requiring its Transformer (and corresponding collateral pool) to ensure fraud-proof and instant payments on each of twelve supported networks—regardless of block time, availability, or confirmation requirements. A single Lightning Transformer was launched to support payments in El Salvador in September 2021.

When will Flexa add support for other networks?

Work to enable other layer 1 blockchain networks, sidechains, and layer 2 scaling solutions is already underway. Flexa Payments today offers compatibility with more blockchain networks than any other digital currency payment provider. 

The Flexa team looks forward to enabling even broader compatibility with more popular networks in the coming months.

What will happen to Flexa’s Connect API?

Flexa Payments builds on the years of research and development that helped us bring Flexa network payments to market via the Flexa Connect platform of APIs, plug-ins, and apps. The Flexa Connect API will remain available to payment service providers who currently use it to enable instant flexcode payments on behalf of Flexa-accepting merchants in brick-and-mortar stores. 

The Flexa Payments platform supports a seamless transition for all other channels and payment contexts. It offers expanded acceptance for all digital asset wallets on the market today. And Flexa’s vision is to enable payments in any asset, from any app, anywhere in the world.




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