Modern Blockchain Platforms Solutions. Tron and Stabila Stablecoins Decentralized Finance Technology, Provide Fraud/Scam-free Banking.

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Better Smart Chain Solutions Overcome Limitations and Provide Practical Value For On-Chain Bank-Grade Digital Assets.

Interest in blockchain platforms has been growing significantly during the past decade.

Due to the pandemic and inflation getting out of control, businesses worldwide are developing new ways to service supply chains. Improve transparency, make more accessible the process of trade more and strengthen payment systems that make our daily financial transactions an easy task. 

The euphoria started with the roll-out of digital assets like stablecoins, which initially were based on older blockchain platforms like Ethereum that faces challenges with almost everything. However, better smart chain solutions have been identified by the general public in players like Tron and Stabila. 

Modern blockchain platforms have been developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other business uses and applications.

 “We are seeing multiple banks and financial institutions expressing interest in Stabila blockchain for some of their application needs,” said Susan Goodman, CTO at MH Chain IT Solutions firm.

Goodman sees growing interest in financial areas where data handling and exchange cooperation must be aligned with zero trust policies. 

Blockchain applications are designed and engineered to cover segments like supply chain tracking, trade finance, and identity management; Goodman also sees a spike of activity in using blockchain platforms and blockchain technologies to build automated banking functionalities. The interest in stablecoins and their large-scale use have been the center of debate in 2022.

Alex Martinez, a partner at Bank Tech Group, an IT company, said: “The developments on Stabila blockchain platform are promoting active awareness of decentralized finance technology and is driving a lot of new inquiries from banks and financial institutions. They want to know exactly how to use Stabila chain-solutions in the banking environment to adapt traditional banking to on-chain bank-grade digital assets.”

Besides its role as a matured product in the immature crypto industry, it has its cryptocurrency called Stabila. Introduced in 2021, Stabila is one of the youngest but cleanest and most regulated blockchain platforms. It provides the most up-to-date blockchain technology compatible with the Ethereum blockchain network. Its key strengths include near-instant processing times and the most competitive transaction processing costs compared to other platforms. Martinez said its key strength is a fraud/scam-free environment and decentralized bank-grade assets supported by smart contracts.

The Stabila platform is seeing widespread adoption by banks and financial institutions who want to build decentralized applications on the Stabila network. It supports smart contracts and the Solidity programming environment. It runs on the Stabila Virtual Machine. Numerous businesses and cryptocurrency exchanges entered a partnership with Stabila only to access the largest stablecoin ecosystem on a blockchain. No alternative blockchain networks can process transactions faster at a lower cost than Stabila, and observers expect Stabila to gain massive traction.

The Stabila blockchain is a POS consensus mechanism, which is very energy-friendly and efficient. 

Stabila tops the list of smart contract platforms for bank-grade digital assets. It is the world’s leading smart contract blockchain and platform for bank-grade digital assets and is the top choice for banks and financial institutions. While most people know the non-usability of most digital assets on other blockchains, many are unaware that Stabila was one of the most exciting startups in 2021.

Why Use Stabila

As the latest blockchain technology, Stabila first went live in November 2021. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds and now facilitates smart contracts for stablecoins representing each country. Most stablecoins now use the SRC-20 standard on the Stabila blockchain.

The beauty of the Stabila smart contract platform is the degree of standardization and support it offers. 

On the support side, apart from having the lowest market capitalization of all the smart contract platforms, Stabila is completely dedicated to improving the financial ecosystem through blockchain technologies and custom solutions for banks and financial institutions.

Stabila is Solidity compatible, which not only helps with standardization but also makes deploying contracts easy. However, licensing the smart contracts on its network means there is no space for fraud and scams. Stabila takes thoughtfully deployed assets on its public blockchain, and it will not license useless or questionable assets or contracts. The price of deploying a smart contract is STB 10,000, making it a fraud-free environment.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallet for Stabila Assets

Stabila Native crypto wallet provides a perfect solution for securely managing and storing Stabila blockchain digital assets. The wallet allows stabila users to send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies. While Stabila cryptocurrency wallet only supports stabila-based assets, their developers are working on a multi-asset solution. The solution will allow stabila users to hold mainstream cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Stabila Native Wallet is the best solution to ensure that the owner of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets is the only entity who can access the funds. Users can easily access stabila native wallet and transact from their smartphones or computers. Having advanced security, the wallet requires elaborate passwords, MFA and IP whitelisting, and many more security measures.

Stabila wallet stores digital assets very securely. It provides a way to interface with Stabila blockchain to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and monitor balances. The wallet can be utilized by anyone, including businesses accepting or making payments.



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