The Merge Will Cut Ethereum’s Energy Consumption By 99.95%, Making ETH Future-Proof, Like Polygon. Ether Reducing Carbon Footprint and Inflation.

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The Ethereum Merge will massively cut down Ethereum’s carbon footprint.

In a long thread on Tuesday, Polygon revealed that The Merge would cut Ethereum’s energy consumption by a whopping 99.95%, as it noted that users have nothing to worry about how The Merge will affect Polygon, stating that it is all good news for the Layer 2 solution.

“99.95%, That’s how much the switch to PoS will shrink Ethereum’s energy consumption, making Ethereum future-proof, just like Polygon. This lines up with our commitment to becoming a carbon-negative chain by the end of 2022,” Polygon tweets.

The Merge represents Ethereum’s long-anticipated migration to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Developers predict that the upgrade, which would see Ethereum’s execution layer fused with the PoS Beacon chain, will take place on September 15.

As the milestone approaches, there have been various speculations about the impacts the transition will have on the performance of the Ethereum network. Consequently, in a blog post last Wednesday, developers had to clear up some misconceptions surrounding the long-anticipated upgrade.

The Polygon network addressing concerns about how the upgrade will affect the Layer 2 solution reiterated some of the clarifications brought by developers last week. Polygon emphasized that while The Merge reduced Ethereum’s carbon footprint and inflation, it does not address scalability and gas fee concerns.

According to Polygon, The Merge makes Ethereum more sustainable, arguably making it more secure, which benefits the scaling solution, just as the Ethereum network benefits from the scalability of Polygon. Moreover, Polygon notes that the Ethereum vision is to become a settlement layer for Layer 2 networks, ensuring that Polygon will always be essential to the scalability needs of users.

Notably, the statements from Polygon corroborate reports from Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin at EthCC, where he says Ethereum will, over time, become more resistant to change and more dependable. According to Buterin, more radical changes will be left to Layer 2 solutions.

It is worth noting that despite the crypto winter, Polygon has clinched many impressive milestones. The network has been tapped for several Web 3 partnerships and has seen a flurry of development activity, with data in Q2 2022 showing that about 1000 developers are joining the network daily.



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