To The Moon and Beyond 2022 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy Under US$1. Affordable Crypto with Potential in 2023.

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Buying cryptocurrencies under US$1 is a smart choice.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky bet due to market volatility. But if you’re looking to get started inexpensively and with less risk, you might consider affordable cryptocurrencies that easily fall under your budget. The blockchain technology of affordable cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, XRP, and more makes them safer and less susceptible to fraud, even though it is not regulated. Because all cryptocurrencies are decentralized. If you are one of those investors looking for the cheapest cryptocurrencies with lots of potential, this article is for you. Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy under US$1 that have growth potential in 2023 and beyond.  

USD Coin

The risk-reward ratio of USD Coins makes it one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies. Investors can take less risk and still manage to get above-average returns. Though USDC isn’t the best asset for generating capital gains, there are several other benefits of the USD Coin for investors. It is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies to buy before 2023 begins.  


It is worth investing in XRP because not only is it a smart choice in the cryptocurrency space for its differences, but also it is a coin that is on the lower side at the moment. This means there is room for it to reach higher and touch the US$1 mark. XRP is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to buy for under 1 dollar.  


Cardano (ADA) has attracted a wide range of investors due to its large market gains and its energy-efficient process, which is seen as far more eco-friendly than Bitcoin’s. Due to various factors, Cardano’s price is predicted to surge in 2023. Cardano is expected to enter the institutional adoption circle shortly. At this point, Cardano is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the market.  


Dogecoin uses a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, which requires miners to solve complex math problems with expensive, high-powered computers to earn the right to validate transactions. Dogecoin’s advantage over Bitcoin is that it’s cheaper and faster to process transactions.  

Shiba Inu

One of the meme tokens that has taken off lately, Shiba Inu saw some biblical growth last year. The impressive community Shiba Inu has created among the many factors to consider in owning a SHIB token. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies under US$1 to buy before the beginning of 2023.  


TRON is a decentralized blockchain-based operating system developed by the Tron foundation and launched in 2017. Another reason why we add it to our list of affordable cryptocurrencies to buy is that it is already heavily discounted. For instance, TRX tokens are selling 80% below their all-time high at the time of writing. And moving forward, they are expected to reach US$4 by the end of 2030, which implies that you could be staring at 8000% gains. It is one of the best Cryptocurrencies under US$1 to buy before 2023.  


XLM is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies for under $1. Stellar is an open-sourced and highly decentralized payment network that seeks to revolutionize the world financial system. Two core missions that help endear it to the crypto community are providing crypto storage services and financial inclusion and reaching out to the unbanked. Stellar is also on a mission to oversimplify cross-border transactions, and its decentralized crypto exchange’s cash transfers and exchanges are highly affordable.  


Algorand is a self-sustaining, decentralized, blockchain-based network that supports many applications. These systems are secure, scalable, and efficient, which are critical properties for effective application in the real world. Algorand will support computations that require reliable performance, guaranteeing new forms of trust. It is one of the best Cryptocurrencies under US$1 to buy before 2023.  


Polygon is a scaling solution built to upgrade Ethereum’s performance and process transactions when the Ethereum network is congested. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon facilitates the mass adoption of the Ethereum network by drastically decreasing gas fees and the finality time for transactions. This symbiotic relationship attaches Polygon to the second-largest blockchain. It means Polygon will continue to play a role in the digital asset space as it develops, making it another excellent long-term play.  


Decentraland was launched following a US$24 million initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. It launched its closed beta in 2019 and made it open public in February 2020. Since then, Decentraland users have created various experiences, including interactive games, sprawling 3D scenes, and various other interactive experiences. Decentraland is created for content creators, developers, and individuals seeking artistic entertainment. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies under US$1 to buy before 2023.


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